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Investigating the potential of harnessing offshore wind & marine renewable energy to produce zero carbon hydrogen & ammonia fuels

Ocean REFuel is a five year research programme created to establish a fundamental scientific and engineering understanding for the conversion of Ocean Renewable Energy to liquid and gaseous fuels. 


The £10 million research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


Ocean REFuel will build upon the hugely successful offshore wind developments of the past two decades to accelerate the development and unlock the potential of converting ocean energy into new energy vectors directly addressing challenges associated with energy storage, renewable heat and the decarbonisation of transport through the provision of high energy density fuels that can be efficiently stored predominantly utilising existing storage and distribution infrastructure.

Research Themes

Offshore Structures, Logistics and Power Generation

 Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Networks, Capability and Demand 

Research Partnerships

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