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Image by Thomas Vimare

Theme 2

Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Image by Nagy Arnold

This theme focuses on the integration of energy vector generation with offshore wind/marine  renewable energy through assessing alternative technologies and their suitability for offshore deployment (i.e. hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels) including techno‐economic assessment of  potential solutions and experimental validation of key integration concepts.

This work will consider energy transformations needed to examine seawater as a sustainable water resource for hydrogen and fuels, and how to best transform mechanical rotational energy into hydrogen and fuels via direct (induction) and indirect conversion (electrolysis) including novel electrolyser design e.g. membrane-less cell, magnetic field induction and electrolyser components  materials. Material considerations will be needed to tackle novel corrosion inhibition strategies e.g. magneto inhibition.

Cross cutting themes include:

  • Materials

  • Safety

  • Process Engineering

  • Environmental Impacts

Research Themes

Offshore Structures, Logistics and Power Generation

 Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Networks, Capability and Demand 

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