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Theme 4

Networks, Capability and Demand

Construction Site Pipes

The focus of this theme spans a broad range of areas including:

  • The development of Heat Pumps and Boilers using hydrogen and ammonia including the conceptual design of high CoP devices

  • Reception and use of ammonia at household and community level. For example, a full Health & Safety assessment and user training challenges.

  • Combining both electro fuels, hydrogen and ammonia, to deliver zero carbon power and heating.

  • Integrity of components under transient conditions i.e. various temperatures for cooling and heating applications, flow regimes and periodicity.

  • Efficient re‐conversion of ammonia into hydrogen with low ammonia traces under safe  conditions.

  • Experimental  validation of integrated system using bespoke concepts for mitigation of  emissions..)

  • Public perception assessment to determine acceptability of new ammonia‐based systems at a local level.

  • Life Cycle Analysis and an overall assessment of system sustainability using a range of metrics, such as safety, environmental, economic, thermodynamic, resource efficiency and planetary boundaries.

The aim is to avoid unintended consequences and demonstrate good performance across these  metrics and guide decision‐making by identifying sustainability bottlenecks.

Cross cutting themes include:

  • Safety

Research Themes

Offshore Structures, Logistics and Power Generation

 Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Networks, Capability and Demand 

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