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Image by Thomas Vimare

Theme 3

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Image by Grant Ritchie

This theme focuses on addressing key challenges associated with onshore energy storage and transportation. This involves

  • Optimising and assessing onshore storage and transportation options of the energy vectors for different sectors (i.e. power, heat, transport)

  • Transportation by pipeline/road/rail/water

  • Material implications and solutions

  • Reuse of/compatibility with existing infrastructure and storage, both short‐term and medium‐longer term storage. 

In addition to safety aspects, techno‐economic and sustainability assessment of different  storage/transportation scenarios will be fundamental to this theme.

Cross cutting themes include:

  • Materials

  • Safety

  • Socio Economics

  • Process Engineering

  • Environmental Impacts

Research Themes

Offshore structures, logistics and power generation

 Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Networks, Capability and Demand 

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