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Image by Thomas Vimare

Theme 1

Offshore structures, Logistics and Power Generation

Fixing a Pipe

This theme will not only address materials, structures and structural integrity in the marine environment, but the goal is to improve understanding of how offshore installations can safely contain hydrogen and other liquid/gaseous fuels potentially at cryogenic temperatures.


The challenges for seabed storage, offshore piping/docking systems and their interaction with hostile marine loading environment will demand ingenuity and fundamental understanding of the interaction between hydrodynamic loading, materials and offshore structural integrity.

The work involves applying the knowledge of power to fuel and fuel transportation and storage from Themes 2 and 3.

Cross cutting themes include:

  • Materials

  • Safety

  • Socio Economics

  • Environmental Impacts

Research Themes

Offshore Structures, Logistics and Power Generation

 Power to Carbon Free Fuel

Carbon Free Fuel Transportation & Storage

Networks, Capability and Demand 

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